Latest Veternarian Research

In recent veterinarian research, scientists studied the effects of improved nutrition on the lives of 90 senior cats. All of the cats were between ages 7-17, and the new diets were fed over the remaining course of their lifetimes. The cats were separated into three groups: one received a standardized, nutritionally-balanced diet; one received the same diet with increased levels of antioxidants; and the last received the same diet supplemented with increased levels of antioxidants, Omega-3 essential fatty acids and probiotics. Comprehensive tests were conducted over the five-year period of the study, including various blood, urinalysis and body composition measures. Results strongly indicated a correlation between the diet of the third group (the one with the highest level of nutrition) and measures of health and longevity.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Research-The latest

recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tracked the effects of fish oil supplementation in overweight adults engaged in new exercise regimens. The findings may have a dramatic impact on our current understanding of maintaining weight and long-term heart health.The 3-month study included 75 overweight adults. Participants who added fish oil supplements to their diet and exercised lost more fat than other participants. Not only that, but the fish oil was determined to be responsible for improved cholesterol levels and blood vessel function.
This was the first clinical study to examine the effects of Omega-3 supplementation with fish oil and exercise on weight loss and cardiovascular health. More info at Trilogy Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

In another study, study, researchers found the participants who consumed higher than average amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in fish oil supplements, were less likely to have high blood pressure.The results were adjusted for age, weight, gender, exercise and several other measures, and were based upon sample groups from countries all over the world. Nearly five thousand men and women took part in the study, which makes it one of the largest studies of its kind.

Are your Health and Nutrition Needs being met in your diet?

Recent media attention has been directed toward the safety and efficacy of vitamins and supplements. Some nutritionists have claimed that supplements do less than promised and that we should simply eat healthier foods to provide for our dietary needs. And, in fact, these claims are not without merit. Many of the supplements available simply do not deliver the nutrition that they claim.

Ideally, all of us would recieve our complete nutrition from a balanced and wholesome diet. But the reality is that modern lifestyles make a plethera demands of our time … time that we could spend preparing the foods that our bodies truly need.

So, how can you determine if you need to fortify your diet with daily nutritional supplements? Here are some key factors that you need to consider to answer this question. Would you characterize your lifestyle or physical state closely with any of the following descriptions? If so, you might need the additional nutrition that comes from a supplement.

• If you’re not eating at least several servings of a variety of vegetables and fruits each day, it is not likely that you will be taking in the need quantities of minerals & vitamins that you body requires for ideal health and wellness.

• If you are on a restricted-calorie diet, you may not be fulfilling your daily requirements of nutrients. This is mainly due to not eating a broad array of foods, which makes it very somewhat hard to get all of the basic nutrients you require.

• If you are pregnant, your body’s needs are quite different. You will need a lot more calcium, iron and folate. The extra iron is needed for red blood cell health, in order to stave off fatigue. Folate is usually recommended to protect against fetal spinal defects, like spina bifida.

 This article originally appeared in the Trilogy newsletter. Trilogy produces high quality Vitamins of the Ultralogix brand as well as pharmaceutical grade fish oil

By the way, The American Heart Association recommends healthy people eat omegs 3 fatty acids from fish and plant sources to protect their hearts and other benefits of fish oil

Latest Economic Numbers

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According to statistics from,
non agriculatural payroll employment increased by about one hundred and fifty thousand in May, while the unemployment
rate was unchanged at around 4.5 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States
Department of Labor reported today.  The health care & food service industries both managed to adde jobs,
while employment declined in the manufacturing sector, unfortunately.  Meanwhile, the average hourly earning rate amanged to rise by
6 cents, or 0.3 percent, in May.
In the same month, employment in general was unchanged at some 145.9 million, and the em-
ployment-population ratio held firm at around 63%.  The civilian labor force also
was the same, at 152,000,000, while the labor force participation rate
stayed at 66%.  Both the employment-population ratio and labor force
participation rate were down by 0.4% since the end of 2006.
Earning rates are important, but to get a wider perspective you should of course also
take a look at the inflation numbers, since inflation dicates spending power of that earned income.
According to Newsmax online, the MoneyNews publication as well as the Financial Intelligence Report, the dollar has been inflated recently – despite claims that the official CPI is “low”
I do not know if this claim is actually tru, but that was the report.
But whether these reports are true or not, I tend to view inflation a big threat to America’s global strength, and most importantly our wealth as American citizens.
I mean, if you get a 5% raise, but inflation jumps 10%, who really benefits from this. I also find that fact that our manaufacturing base shrunk (yet again)
to be truly troubling, especially in light of the recent reports that so many manufacturing jobs have gone to China and India in recent years.
While this may save some corporations some money and add a few nickels to investor’s dividends, it seems to me that this is bad for the long term economic health of the country.

Soda Safety Issues?

You might just wish to think again prior to drinking another soft drink: research reported in the Britain’s Independent newspaper (and then reported on the News max network as well) states that a common preservative used in fizzy drinks may switch off essential parts of your DNA. The preservative may bring on premature aging and even trigger certain diseases which are commonly associated with old age.

The preservative in question is none other than sodium benzoate, which is regularly used by the multi-billion dollar global soft drink industry. It is derived from benzoic acid, and it is known to prevent mold in drinks like Coke, Dr. Pepper, etc., and is also used in pickles and sauces as well as other products.

Alarm bells have already been going off about it, since it has been discovered that when it’s mixed with vitamin C in soft drinks, it creates the carcinogenic substance benzene. Now British Professor Peter Piper of Sheffield University has sounded an even louder alarm — his tests appear to prove that benzoate damages DNA in the energy-producing mitochondria of cells.

“These chemicals have the ability to cause severe damage to DNA in the mitochondria to the point that they totally inactivate it: they knock it out altogether,” Piper said. “The mitochondria consumes the oxygen to give you energy and if you damage it — as happens in a number of diseased states — then the cell starts to malfunction very seriously. And there is a whole array of diseases that are now being tied to damage to this DNA—Parkinson’s and quite a lot of neuro-degenerative diseases, but above all the whole process of ageing.”

The food industry will say these compounds have been tested and they are completely safe,” Piper said. “By the criteria of modern safety testing, the safety tests were inadequate. Like all things, safety testing moves forward and you can conduct a much more rigorous safety test than you could 50 years ago.”

Recall News

The Pet Food Recall has owners watching their animal’s closely. Month’s after the first pet food was recalled, dog and cat owners are still scared. Despite the fact that some manufacturer’s have tried to say that tainted wheat gluten was the only problem, it has now been revealed that many recalled foods do not contain this particular contaminant. Is this is a desperate attempt
on the part of the big commercial brands at damage
control? There is a lot of money at stake here after
all, it is a multi-billion dollar industry.Animal owners with dogs or cats showing symptoms such
as vomiting, lethargy and extreme thirst are still
bringing their pets to their veternarians in
substantial numbers, and in Hawaii recently a number
of pet owners are suing a large commercial brand,
claiming they were the culprit.

“The recall is huge. It’s unprecedented, and people
are seeing that their dog food is on the list and picking
up the phone, wondering if there’s anything they can
do or what to do,” stated Tim Hackett, who runs an
small-animal clinic at Colorado State University in
Fort Collins, as reported recently by MSNBC.
In a May 14, 2007 news report on
entitled ‘Pet food recall expands yet again, with more
products pulled’ it was reported that Royal Canin USA
brand reported the latest recall.
This French firm stated that small amounts of an
industrial chemical were found in it’s products,
prompting the decision.

The ingredient in question is used in platics and is
imported from China. All in all, 8 Sensible Choice dry
dog food products and some 7 Kasco dry dog & cat food
products from Royal Canin USA, dated from July 28,
2006, were affected, according to the report which was
also posted on the Food and Drug Adminstration’s

The Post Chronicle stated that as of May 5, 2007,
8,500 dogs & cats may have died as a result of tainted
pet food. In the 2 months since dead pets led to a
massive U.S. pet food recall, the FDA said about half
of the calls to its hotline were from owners of
deceased cats and dogs. This number is expected to
increase substantially in the coming months.

What can animal owners do to protect their pets? Cooking for them is not the best option, as this can cause it’s own set of problems. I would recommend avoiding the large commercial brands altogether and finding a truly good premium brand.

Real Estate News and Resources

According to the good people over at the Big Mouth media group, Yahoo is expanding US real estate estimates.
Among other things, they are adding property value estimates from Reply! &
This is basically a big internet resource that permits users to compare, contrast and explore homes using appropriate tools and information.
Real Estate consumers need only put in a home address and can receive home valuations instantly
Now users will be able to compare property prices using the new home valuation experts as sources, along with the existing Zillow service.
In addition to Yahoo! Real Estate, there are a  number of other good sites in rekatuion to investing and rea estate…If you are looking for specific real estate related resources, there are many high quality sites out there.
For example, is a real estate directory and general internet portal that you can add you real estate or mortgage related website to.
If you need a mortgage glossary,  real estate news feeds or other tools you can try us
Meanwhile has  nice range of related resources to choose from…
And then there which is essentially a residential real estate search engine which helps people to find houses for sale that meet certain criteria & specifications and make smarter real estate decisions.

Real Estate Woes or Recovery?

Are there Mixed Market signals going on?

According to a recent article by renowned Associated Press writer Martin Crutsinger, the real estate market in general and the house market in particular
has been giving off a lot of confusing mixed signals as of late…….

For example, sales of new house increased last month (o4) by the largest amount in some fourteen odd years, and yet the median price of a new house actually dropped by the most sizeable amount on record. These rather odd indicators
have seemingly left no clear picture as to whether or not the the country’s housing slump is finished. Real estae sellers and buyers a like are still quite wary
in this unpredictable atmosphere….
This is due to the fact that while sales of new one-family houses increased by some 16.2 percent in April,
the actual average price of a new house sold last month fell to $229,100, a record 11.1 percent decrease from the prior month!
Sales fell particularly in the Midwest, which saw a substantial four percent drop-off rate.
The country’s economy as whole cooled down in the first quarter of 2007 to an annual adjusted growth rate of merely 1.3%, which is the weakest rate in 4 years, while the big slump in housing continued to weigh on the economy’s overall performance.

Real Estate & Technology Match Up

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According to a May article in the from Bend, Oregon, technology and real estate are meshing like never before….
In the competitive arena which is known as the real estate industry, agents or brokers will sometimes pay as much as five figures for a web site which produces several new sales leads per year. But now these real estate agents have a solution to getting high end and locality exclusive exposure from the world wide web. The top authority on SEO for real estate agents and creator of Real Estate Limelight
uses these very techniques to maximise real estate agent profiles with every big search site in the nation.
As a matter of fact, Real Estate Limelight™ is the national real estate directory focusing the nation’s biggest real estate professionals. They have brought together the nation’s biggest public MLS directory with top search site ranking to provide
their customers with the most in-depth and direct marketing to reach real estate agents and homes in particular localality. Real Estate Limelight™ is a part of Limelight Dept™, Limited Liablity Corporation family, a kind of top drawer marketing brand which ensures the best possible return on investment for their customers. ’In the highly competitive business of real estate,- says Shaylor Murray, ‘it’s our goal to give the best local agents an edge by providing national exposure through this new, dynamic Internet tool.”

Is a Realtor really Necessary?

 This is my first post. I will be bringing you the latest news reports from around the world with my particular edirtorial viewpoint. Hope you enjoy…

A big question that is being asked these days is ‘Do I need a Realtor?’


The 60 Minutes piece about agents making massive commisions for a few hours work shocked and outraged many homebuyers and sellers, sending repercussions throughout the real estate business and prompting many prominent real estate agents, brokers and firm owners to go on the defensive…… A recent article in The Suburban Journal by esteemed writer Don Rogers sums up this attitute, as he describes some of the pitfalls of the industry. However, it was observed that the sellers generally gets screwed more than anyone by the staus quo. he writes: ‘The good news, however, is that in most cases your buyer’s agent receives his or her compensation through the seller and the real estate company that has the listing’…..I predict that we may see a sort of transformation similiar to what we saw in the the Stockbroker game a while back, when the internet finally made it possible to easily trade stocks without the help of a broker. Especially as we are seeing  a sort of proliferation of regional ‘by owner’ websites popping up everywhere.