Manage Your Debt with Credit Repair and Counseling

If you’re sinking in debt and don’t know where to turn, you might want to think about getting some credit counseling. A good credit counselor can advise you how to take control of your money and debts and help you draw up an individualized budget. You should also expect to receive free financial educational instruction. You may consider debt releif and consolidation, bankruptcy, credit repair and counseling as well as Non profit Debt Settlement or some kind of debt management program, whether you are in Palm Springs, New Jersey, Phoenix or wherever. You may need a individual 401k in Phoenix firm or one that specializes in small business pension plans in Scottsdale AZ as well.
A credit counseling agency should offer to send you free information describing the services it can provide. The counselor should be certified and trained to help you learn how to manage your money and your debt. He or she will assess your particular financial situation to come up with a personalized plan to pay off your current debt and plan for the future. Some people opt for the security of a deferred 401k annuity and so forth. I can endorse this particular Phoenix annuities firm which also covers palm Springs.
Typically, an initial counseling session will take about an hour and will require follow-up sessions. The more organized you are with your bills and other documents the more quickly it will go.
Be sure to check out potential counseling agencies with your state Attorney General, local consumer protection agency, and Better Business Bureau. If you are in Baltimore, Maryland for example you may need a who has experience also in foreclosure, Non profit Debt Settlement and/or credit repair issues.
Check to see if consumers have filed complaints about them, although even that assurance is no guarantee they are one of the more reputable agencies. Be aware they all have very legitimate-sounding names. If you are considering filing bankruptcy, which should only be considered as a last resort, the United States Trustee Program can provide a list of credit counseling agencies that have been approved to provide pre-bankruptcy counseling. Check for a list of your state’s government-approved organizations. As I said some folks like the Phoenix annuities and deferred or 401k annuity thing.

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