I just wanted to post some financial and retirement related news as I return from Santa Cruz and also San Carlos to San Jose by auto (had to take my contractor license over there you know to give service)……According to the Associated Press, despite rising cost of living there will be no Social Security benefits increase this year. Oh by the way if you are in San Carlos or of course Santa Cruz I would like to recommend this great San Carlos auto repair service. It will be the third year in a row without a raise, because of higher Medicare costs. I hope there is not a lot of foreclosure and bankruptcy activity in Baltimore, Maryland this year. Speaking of that, Oh by the way if you are in the lone star state of Texas and need a solid Auto Repair Dallas is a service that can help fix your damaged motor vehicle if you are in the Fort Worth or Dallas area. If you are in San Jose, California or Hayward area then I can endorse the above reputable firm. I suggest this firm, a great automotive tech company overall,
then I can certainly endorse this firm as they give great service)….About 15 percent of the United States residents get both Medicare and Social Security benefits and they are supposed to have their Medicare premiums paid out of their monthly Social Security check. When Medicare costs rise and Social security payments stay the same, retired and disabled people have to cut back on their other essential expenses. All in all, this is a big issue over here in San Jose and Maryland state overall.
By the way this San Jose Auto Service and Hayward auto repair service is excellent:
Saratoga Shell
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In 2011, the average monthly Social Security benefit will amount to $1,077. I wonder how that will effect insurance over here in Utah state and nationally. I would imagine that they would not be unaffected.Beneficiaries will have to deduct $96.40 for monthly Medicare Part B coverage, which leaves them with monthly Social Security payment of $980.60. The government projected cost-of-living adjustment based on measure of inflation for next year is 1.2 percent. Less for my auto service I suppose…