Making a wedding special

It is good to be back to Maui, just got back from lovely Maui looking at real estate over there…When I think about all the weddings I’ve ever been to, some of the most memorable ones had particular characteristics; and none of the most fondly-remembered were events where large amounts of money was spent. Oh as an aside if you desire Maui real estate and want to get agood deal then this maui real estate firm may be for you they are quite good.

I attended one with my husband a long time ago. I didn’t know anyone; the groom was someone my husband worked with. The thing I remember was the purity and the sincerity of it. It was a humble wedding. No alcohol was served. They had roasted plantains and other foods I was unfamiliar with. I think the bride was from the Philippines. She wore a beautiful traditional long, white beaded dress; the attendees were reverent and respectful. A song sung by a groomsman a capella.

Another I remember was my niece, Kim’s, wedding. She and her two sisters cooked all of the delicious dishes, such as fruit and pasta salads, delectable rolls. Everything was made ahead and served buffet-style. They decorated the tables with white tablecloths and lots of pink flowers from the local supermarkets. It was held in Matt’s parent’s backyard, tall trees strewn with white Christmas lights arching gallantly overhead. Lake Tahoe is a terrific place for a wedding. On that note, I can endorse this excellent firm if you are thinking in those terms, and then got to Maui for the honeymoon and buy some real estate while you are at it.
All in all I love Maui seasoning especially made in Hawaii hot sauce, jams, jellies and butters from Maui.

My friend, Alisa, was married near the ocean. The invitations, which consisted of a pretty photo of the beach where the ceremony would be held, instructed that the dress code was strictly ultra-casual-fun beach attire. Guests were reminded to bring along a jacket to keep warm after the sun set. What a wedding planner!
Alisa wore a simple cotton summer dress, sans shoes. She had a crown of tiny flowers in her hair. I have never seen a bride who was prettier, or more serene. Her groom, Stephen, wore a white Mexican wedding shirt and Khaki pants and was as handsome as his bride was pretty. Bridesmaids handed out paper plates with crust-less sandwiches, potato salad, champagne, beer, and lemonade. After the sun melted into the sea, we roasted marshmallows over a big bonfire. No one wanted to go home.

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