It Is A Good Time To Look At Real Estate, Especially In REITS

Good to be back in Arizona state after a lovely stint on Oahu (general contractor issue there) so let’s blog, shall we? Neuberger Berman reports that indicate dividends are rising, with real estate companies benefitting from fiscal recovery. She notes that this year the company expects earnings growth of between 7% and 9%, up from 3.5%, with dividends seeing an average yield of 4%.
REITs are a special animal to begin with. Investment trusts save big tax money by paying out big dividends. Speaking of real estate though, when I was in Denver, CO I did notice the Electrical contractors
and real estate market was getting a little better which is a good sign since it had taken a hit recently like most other places. I guess folks need fewer Missouri Electrical contractors in a market such as this one: Kearney MO electrician who dos solar panels plus indoor and outdoor light fixtures, outlets and so forth.
Wikipedia defines REITS the following way; “A real estate investment trust or REIT is a tax designation for a corporate entity investing in real estate that reduces or eliminates corporate income taxes. In return, REITs are required to distribute 90% of their income, which may be taxable, into the hands of the investors. The REIT structure was designed to provide a similar structure for investment in real estate as mutual funds provide for investment in stocks.”
You can see why one could grow to love them.
Amanda Julius writes that the superior liquidity of REITs, over what she calls bricks and mortar investments, makes them a powerful asset, “As they control close to $600 billion, in debt and equity, of commercial real estate assets in the US…..” Incidentially if you are in Oahu and have interest in Oahu contractor license examination then you may want to peruse this site, because it has a lot of pertinent information regarding the Arizona contractor license process overall. This is a good Oahu Real estate as well.
There is speculation that, since current indicators show that will home prices continue to fall further in the near term, and soon there could be as many as 20 million homeowners underwater on their mortgages. Maybe you are one of the roughly 12 million who are currently underwater, and can only continue to pay your payments and wait and hope for real estate prices to rise. But you can still take advantage of the situation by investing in a REIT. Here in Kearney Missouri these are big for sure.

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