Joan Rivers Uses Plastic Surgery, Brains, and Hard Work, to Create Her World

One of the greatest icons of plastic surgery may the entertainer Joan Rivers. Instead of enhancing and doing reconstruction on what was– to begin–with, a very nice face, plastic surgery has given her a whole new face. To me she looks like a Gabor sister wannabe. I am not sure about the breast enhancement stuff and implants though.
Rivers is a fascinating character. Her humor is brash, harsh, and irreverent– even when she uses its knife edge on herself. The overdone hardness of her face is well-suited to her in that regard.
Washington Post staff writer, Michael O’Sullivan Friday, June 18, 2010, critiqued a documentary on Rivers that has just been released called; Piece of Work. His article was posted under the line; ‘Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work’ fails to explain comedian’s quirks.
O’Sullivan quotes Rivers’s own longtime manager, Billy Sammeth, as saying, “Right now [people] see her as a plastic surgery freak….” I did not say that remember.
O’Sullivan on what it is that drives her, what it is she is so afraid of, writes, “But Rivers herself never faces the question head-on That fear of rejection might explain her (said) plastic surgery.”
For his part, he (O’Sullivan again) also remarks that plastic surgery “has left the comedian a few steps shy of Michael Jackson in terms of how different she looks from her former self. But she’s not apologetic…….’”
For his part, the critic in question also decides that “Piece of Work” doesn’t delve deeply into Joan Rivers’s almost pathological work ethic. All in all, I mean, sure, she makes jokes about other celebrities who have had breast augmentation, implants and the like, but she herself may (allegedly, just a guess) have had breast reconstruction or enhancement and botox, etc.
Women are apparently not yet evolved as independent enough to not care about the packaging they inhabit. What woman do you know who wouldn’t change herself into some more ethereal, exotic, and flawless creature than she is if given half a chance? Maybe Rivers isn’t so different from the rest of us—maybe just more honest.