Train Leaving Los Angeles Station Slams Into Car On Tracks Leaving Six Injured

In some tragic automobile and train accident related news, A Metrolink train, number 201 from the Antelope Valley line, departed from Union Station in downtown Los Angeles at 6:35 a.m. The train was en route to the Sylmar station when it collided with a car. The car in question had been pushed onto the tracks in an accident with another car just before the train came by.

KTLA News reported the story on December 23, 2009, under the headline: Metrolink Train Collides with 2 Cars, Infant Critical. The report said that six people, including an infant, suffered personal injury last Wednesday after the Metrolink commuter train struck the said automobile that had been knocked onto the tracks.
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Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey said that the accident occurred in the 9800 block of North San Fernando Road near Branford Street around 7 a.m. The accident began with a street crash that sent one or both of the vehicles onto the train’s tracks.
Humphrey was quoted as saying, “Witnesses are telling us of a two-vehicle collision, and subsequently one or both vehicles were struck by the train. One of the vehicles is overturned next to the tracks, and one of the vehicles is on its wheels nearby. Neither vehicle is on the tracks.” Not to change the subject but if you need a Los Angeles workplace attorney then I can suggest for employment and worker litigation law, as they can you provide you with a top immigration lawyer in this regard as well.
Humphrey reported that at least four people in the vehicles were injured, including a 6-month-old baby. They were extricated from their cars and transported to a hospital. The infant and two of the victims were reported to be in critical condition. The baby was taken to Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills.

I hope they have insurance Hospital officials requested a Fire Department helicopter airlift the infant to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Eight Fire Department rescue crews were circulated throughout the train checking passengers. Humphrey said that two of the 42 people aboard the train suffered minor injuries. Spokeswoman Angie Starr said that team a for Metrolink will conduct an investigation into the crash. By the way if you are in Dallas (or Fort Worth too) have been in a car accident and need a good insurance quote on the damaged parts then you can go over here for Olathe Auto Repair and damaged parts automotive tech issues. All and all, I can endorse this said vehicle repair firm whether it be a truck or suv collision in Olathe Kansas.

KTLA reports that Metrolink is required to notify the Federal Railroad Administration and the California Public Utilities Commission about the said automobile accident incident in question, and those agencies can launch inquires at their discretion. Someone may need a good lawyer soon. This happens in both Dallas and San Francisco a lot and I hope everyone has some insurance…

The report added, “Previous Metrolink crashes have been blamed on operator error, but there were no immediate indications that this was the case this morning.” It is reported that the engineer slammed on the brakes, probably lessening the impact. I am not sure if this has every happened in Olathe, KS.