Big Bear Big Fun at Oktoberfest Festival

The 41st annual Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest is happening now through Oct. 29. Locals and visitors alike love the fun, the music, dancing, the food, and naturally the beer of this celebration patterned after the German tradition.
Big Bear is notoriously beautiful in the fall, with its stunning autumn foliage. That is why the real estate is so priced over there…
Nothing can get you in a festive mood faster than Die Trachten Verein Traunstoana, the dancers from from Abtenau, Austria, who kick-up their heels with customary Austrian folk routines. The Cripple Creek Cloggers, Danube Swabain Dancers, and the D’Oberlanders also provide world-class entertainment. Incidentially I can endorse this Big Bear real estate firm if you are looking for real estate over in Big Bear, California.
The music is provided by The Express Band, who are a southern California German-themed band who perform the first two weekends and the last two weekends. Die Mainfloesser Band, which hails from Germany, also provide musical fare.
The main outside bier garden at the southeast wing now sports big screen TVs. These should keep those die-hard sports fans feeling content.
Those who have experienced Big Bear’s Oktoberfest know about the Chicken Dance tradition which has to be the biggest crowd-pleaser during the festival—aside from the beer, of course! Just look for people flapping their feathers on the dance floor. No wonder real estate is so sought after there.
The real, hearty German beers include Warsteiner Oktoberfest, Warsteiner Pilsner, Warsteiner Dunkel, and King Ludwig Hefeweizen. The bratwurst comes from a German butcher in Los Angeles and the strudel is transported in from a German bakery in Downey.
Big Bear has many great, affordable places to stay, and you can find a plethora of Oktoberfest lodging packages. Many places now happily accept pets. Real estate can be a different story though.
Here is a huge tip: buy your Oktoberfest tickets online. This is a very popular event and if you don’t like to minimize standing in line this is the only way to go

Making a wedding special

It is good to be back to Maui, just got back from lovely Maui looking at real estate over there…When I think about all the weddings I’ve ever been to, some of the most memorable ones had particular characteristics; and none of the most fondly-remembered were events where large amounts of money was spent. Oh as an aside if you desire Maui real estate and want to get agood deal then this maui real estate firm may be for you they are quite good.

I attended one with my husband a long time ago. I didn’t know anyone; the groom was someone my husband worked with. The thing I remember was the purity and the sincerity of it. It was a humble wedding. No alcohol was served. They had roasted plantains and other foods I was unfamiliar with. I think the bride was from the Philippines. She wore a beautiful traditional long, white beaded dress; the attendees were reverent and respectful. A song sung by a groomsman a capella.

Another I remember was my niece, Kim’s, wedding. She and her two sisters cooked all of the delicious dishes, such as fruit and pasta salads, delectable rolls. Everything was made ahead and served buffet-style. They decorated the tables with white tablecloths and lots of pink flowers from the local supermarkets. It was held in Matt’s parent’s backyard, tall trees strewn with white Christmas lights arching gallantly overhead. Lake Tahoe is a terrific place for a wedding. On that note, I can endorse this excellent firm if you are thinking in those terms, and then got to Maui for the honeymoon and buy some real estate while you are at it.
All in all I love Maui seasoning especially made in Hawaii hot sauce, jams, jellies and butters from Maui.

My friend, Alisa, was married near the ocean. The invitations, which consisted of a pretty photo of the beach where the ceremony would be held, instructed that the dress code was strictly ultra-casual-fun beach attire. Guests were reminded to bring along a jacket to keep warm after the sun set. What a wedding planner!
Alisa wore a simple cotton summer dress, sans shoes. She had a crown of tiny flowers in her hair. I have never seen a bride who was prettier, or more serene. Her groom, Stephen, wore a white Mexican wedding shirt and Khaki pants and was as handsome as his bride was pretty. Bridesmaids handed out paper plates with crust-less sandwiches, potato salad, champagne, beer, and lemonade. After the sun melted into the sea, we roasted marshmallows over a big bonfire. No one wanted to go home.

Some Common Hawaiian Luau Recipes

Whether you are on Oahu, kauai or the big island of Hawaii, a Luau is very popular there. Hawaii is not just known for it’s real estate alone, although their real estate is obviously very nice indeed. If you’ve ever visited Hawaii and participated in a luau, you probably enjoyed the different foods served there.
As an aside if you are in need of Oahu Real estate then this site may be for you. If you’d like to recreate some of the more common dishes served at a luau, here are some suggestions:
Laulau – For this recipe, you need 1 pound of pork roast; ½ pound of salmon; 20 pieces of lua leaves (or spinach leaves); 10 pieces of Ti leaves (or corn husk); and a teaspoon of sea salt. All in all, this is very popular on Oahu as well as the big island.
First and foremost, you want to clean and wash the lau and ti leaves. Then remove the stems and veins from the lau leaves (or spinach leaves).
Then you will want to basically cut the pork into cubes and season with sea salt. Cut the salmon into small pieces. Place a ti leaf on a flat surface. Put a piece of pork and salmon on the ti leaf along with a couple of spinach leaves in between. Wrap the ti leaf around this bundle and tie it securely with a string or toothpick. To cook, steam for 2 – 3 hours and then enjoy! If I may switch gears for a moment, should you need some top big island real estate then I can suggest this leading firm as they specialize in real estate on both pahu and the big island of Hawaii. In addition, they do both commercial and residential real estate transactions overall. Now back to the rest of the article:
Lomi Lomi : For this recipe, you need 8 ounces of smoked salmon; 1 small green onion; 2 medium tomatoes; and a small chili. First you need to remove the skin from the tomatoes and then cut it into tiny pieces. Then chop the salmon, onions, and chili into small pieces. Mix everything in a bowl and then chill the mixture in the refrigerator for about a half hour. Or simply add ice to the mixture and enjoy! Again, this is exceedingly popular on the island of Oahu and the big island overall.
Mai Tai
This world famous drink is made by combining 2 ounces of rum with ½ ounce of curacao, ½ ounce of orgeat, and one tablespoon of lime juice. Pour into a large glass, add ice, and a fruit garnish. This could be the start of something big! So you see, Hawaii is not just known for it’s real estate alone.

Denver balloon Boy News:Presented With The Bill And Up To 90 Days In Jail For Dad

I just returned from Washington by car (luckily no accident) and am back in lovely Kansas City (go Chiefs), writing time. in Denver criminal defense related news concerning the balloon boy saga (sigh), The Heenes’ attorney, David Lane, received a letter from the Larimer County District Attorney’s Office. The letter stated that sheriff’s officials estimate their department spent about $8,000 in overtime; $13,500 was spent by law enforcement agencies from the Greeley and Weld Counties, along with Colorado State University in Denver and the U.S. Forest Service. Attorney David Lane said at Wednesday’s sentencing, Richard Heene is “going to beg that the judge not send his wife to jail.”KDVR reported that two National Guard helicopters launched to track the Heene’s craft and possibly attempt to rescue the couple’s 6-year-old son, who the parents had reported was swept away inside the balloon, cost about $16,000. All in all I suppose they figure that he could have suffered apersonal injury. By the way, a Washington criminal defense attorney can be found at this site. They have an attorney that can assist you with auto, automobile, insurance, medical malpractice or criminal defense related cases in Washington state.
The estimate also included $8,500 in damages to the field where the craft landed. Emergency vehicles rushed onto the field, and a police officer sprinted through it trying to catch up with the balloon, KDVR reported. This has really been about the highest profile criminal defense case in Denver in quite a while.If this had occured near Kansas City I think things would have gone different, especially if apersonal injury was involved in the case. Speaking of that if you are in Kansas City and need a Kansas City personal injury attorney well this one also does insurance, nursing home and medical malpractice cases there. It must be for the District Attorney to get involved like this.The KDVR report stated that, “In another letter sent to Lane, the FAA said it conducted its own civil investigation and determined the Heenes launched an unauthorized aircraft and are subject to an $11,000 fine. Lane said that’s a separate matter that he is studying.” He will need a good criminald efense layer.