More Info On Woman Killed Allegedly By Fountain Valley Driver Suspected OF DUI

The media released more information on the young woman who died in a very tragic crash while riding in the car of a Fountain Valley, California woman who was allegedly drove her vehicle while intoxicated. Please everyone, be careful of that on our roads, streets and interstate highways. Please, you cannot be too careful.

It has already been reported in local media that Shauna Ahyen is thought to have been driving under the influence of alcohol when she hit a tree March 11, 2013. For her part, she had two passengers, one who survived the crash, and Ariel Johnson, who did not. Not to change the station but Auto Repair Fountain Valley is top notch if you need your car fixed with top parts and automotive tech service:
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Now back to the main story: All in all, we also now know that Ahyen was allegedly heading northbound on Brookhurst when she veered off the road and hit a pole. The automobile in question then struck Performance Car Audio and Alarm on Brookhurst and ended up on the sidewalk. I am sure that was more head on collision damage than a mere fender bender overall.

It has also already been reported that Johnson was a Lake Forest resident, and she was only some twenty one years-old, just a kid really. Ahyen was arrested and booked into Orange County Jail for DUI and vehicular manslaughter.
We now know that Johnson graduated in 2010 from El Toro High School and subsequently a student at Saddleback College. Reports in the media also note that she wanted to be a nurse. The Fountain Valley Patch reported that she had worked as a babysitter and posted on a website that she “helped raise her two younger siblings, and wrote:

Software License Management information

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Big Bear Big Fun at Oktoberfest Festival

The 41st annual Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest is happening now through Oct. 29. Locals and visitors alike love the fun, the music, dancing, the food, and naturally the beer of this celebration patterned after the German tradition.
Big Bear is notoriously beautiful in the fall, with its stunning autumn foliage. That is why the real estate is so priced over there…
Nothing can get you in a festive mood faster than Die Trachten Verein Traunstoana, the dancers from from Abtenau, Austria, who kick-up their heels with customary Austrian folk routines. The Cripple Creek Cloggers, Danube Swabain Dancers, and the D’Oberlanders also provide world-class entertainment. Incidentially I can endorse this Big Bear real estate firm if you are looking for real estate over in Big Bear, California.
The music is provided by The Express Band, who are a southern California German-themed band who perform the first two weekends and the last two weekends. Die Mainfloesser Band, which hails from Germany, also provide musical fare.
The main outside bier garden at the southeast wing now sports big screen TVs. These should keep those die-hard sports fans feeling content.
Those who have experienced Big Bear’s Oktoberfest know about the Chicken Dance tradition which has to be the biggest crowd-pleaser during the festival—aside from the beer, of course! Just look for people flapping their feathers on the dance floor. No wonder real estate is so sought after there.
The real, hearty German beers include Warsteiner Oktoberfest, Warsteiner Pilsner, Warsteiner Dunkel, and King Ludwig Hefeweizen. The bratwurst comes from a German butcher in Los Angeles and the strudel is transported in from a German bakery in Downey.
Big Bear has many great, affordable places to stay, and you can find a plethora of Oktoberfest lodging packages. Many places now happily accept pets. Real estate can be a different story though.
Here is a huge tip: buy your Oktoberfest tickets online. This is a very popular event and if you don’t like to minimize standing in line this is the only way to go

Manage Your Debt with Credit Repair and Counseling

If you’re sinking in debt and don’t know where to turn, you might want to think about getting some credit counseling. A good credit counselor can advise you how to take control of your money and debts and help you draw up an individualized budget. You should also expect to receive free financial educational instruction. You may consider debt releif and consolidation, bankruptcy, credit repair and counseling as well as Non profit Debt Settlement or some kind of debt management program, whether you are in Palm Springs, New Jersey, Phoenix or wherever. You may need a individual 401k in Phoenix firm or one that specializes in small business pension plans in Scottsdale AZ as well.
A credit counseling agency should offer to send you free information describing the services it can provide. The counselor should be certified and trained to help you learn how to manage your money and your debt. He or she will assess your particular financial situation to come up with a personalized plan to pay off your current debt and plan for the future. Some people opt for the security of a deferred 401k annuity and so forth. I can endorse this particular Phoenix annuities firm which also covers palm Springs.
Typically, an initial counseling session will take about an hour and will require follow-up sessions. The more organized you are with your bills and other documents the more quickly it will go.
Be sure to check out potential counseling agencies with your state Attorney General, local consumer protection agency, and Better Business Bureau. If you are in Baltimore, Maryland for example you may need a who has experience also in foreclosure, Non profit Debt Settlement and/or credit repair issues.
Check to see if consumers have filed complaints about them, although even that assurance is no guarantee they are one of the more reputable agencies. Be aware they all have very legitimate-sounding names. If you are considering filing bankruptcy, which should only be considered as a last resort, the United States Trustee Program can provide a list of credit counseling agencies that have been approved to provide pre-bankruptcy counseling. Check for a list of your state’s government-approved organizations. As I said some folks like the Phoenix annuities and deferred or 401k annuity thing.

Is Catskill Real Estate Your Dream Destination?

Catskill real estate is where you will find it all; gorgeous landscapes, old-fashioned homes and an atmosphere of charm mixed with old-time appeal. When you long for a place that offers peace and solitude along with unspoiled natural beauty, Catskill real estate is where you will find it. I am also a big fan of Scottsdale, Arizona as well.

You may be looking to build that vacation home you have been dreaming of for years, or you may be retiring and looking for a permanent home. No matter what your reason, if you yearn for a place where stress and a hectic pace have never existed, you will find it with this, which is much like scottsdale luxury real estate I think. I also dig Big Bear with all of the country clubs, golf courses and so forth.

The Catskill Mountains are the most beautiful in the world. Countless lakes make the area the perfect destination for those who love fishing or boating. Gently forested hills are the perfect place to buy or build a rustic cabin or cottage. Hike, bike, ski or climb the mountains. Even if you are not an outdoor person, you will revel in the beauty and find the quaint shops the perfect place to wile away
your time, reminds me of Big Bear or Scottsdale, Arizona.

The landscape of the area offers so many spacious tracts of land on which you can build a home just to your liking. You may have long dreamed of a tiny little cabin that is the perfect size for you and your significant other, or a big old rambling farm house large enough for yourself and your spouse along with all of the kids. Whether better to build than at the edge of one of the many lakes, atop that lonely old hill or at the foot of the mountains? This real estate offers a nostalgic atmosphere and charm seldom seen today. What you will find so unique about this is that the homes are new,
but reminiscent of those of the early 1900s.
If you were to take a day and browse some of the cottages and farm houses in the area, you may notice that some offer huge stone fireplaces while others have a cozy wood stove. I also dig Scottsdale plus Big Bear real estate as well. Some boast of
wrap-around porches while others have a walk-out basement, perfect should you decide to add floor space later on. Wide plank wood floors, claw-foot bathtubs and cedar shake are other features you may find charming.

It’s hard to imagine anything quite as cool as a home that offers an interesting mix of old and new. When you have a big country kitchen complete with shaker-style cabinets and at the same time enjoy whole house audio and security systems, it’s something quite unique. When you dream of Catskill real estate, is it the landscape or the character-filled homes that come to mind? Most likely it’s the perfect
combination of both. Truly, there is nothing else quite like it in the world today.


I just wanted to post some financial and retirement related news as I return from Santa Cruz and also San Carlos to San Jose by auto (had to take my contractor license over there you know to give service)……According to the Associated Press, despite rising cost of living there will be no Social Security benefits increase this year. Oh by the way if you are in San Carlos or of course Santa Cruz I would like to recommend this great San Carlos auto repair service. It will be the third year in a row without a raise, because of higher Medicare costs. I hope there is not a lot of foreclosure and bankruptcy activity in Baltimore, Maryland this year. Speaking of that, Oh by the way if you are in the lone star state of Texas and need a solid Auto Repair Dallas is a service that can help fix your damaged motor vehicle if you are in the Fort Worth or Dallas area. If you are in San Jose, California or Hayward area then I can endorse the above reputable firm. I suggest this firm, a great automotive tech company overall,
then I can certainly endorse this firm as they give great service)….About 15 percent of the United States residents get both Medicare and Social Security benefits and they are supposed to have their Medicare premiums paid out of their monthly Social Security check. When Medicare costs rise and Social security payments stay the same, retired and disabled people have to cut back on their other essential expenses. All in all, this is a big issue over here in San Jose and Maryland state overall.
By the way this San Jose Auto Service and Hayward auto repair service is excellent:
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if you are in the greater San Jose area and need a highly qualified auto repair service center there in San Jose, they are tops.
In 2011, the average monthly Social Security benefit will amount to $1,077. I wonder how that will effect insurance over here in Utah state and nationally. I would imagine that they would not be unaffected.Beneficiaries will have to deduct $96.40 for monthly Medicare Part B coverage, which leaves them with monthly Social Security payment of $980.60. The government projected cost-of-living adjustment based on measure of inflation for next year is 1.2 percent. Less for my auto service I suppose…

Making a wedding special

It is good to be back to Maui, just got back from lovely Maui looking at real estate over there…When I think about all the weddings I’ve ever been to, some of the most memorable ones had particular characteristics; and none of the most fondly-remembered were events where large amounts of money was spent. Oh as an aside if you desire Maui real estate and want to get agood deal then this maui real estate firm may be for you they are quite good.

I attended one with my husband a long time ago. I didn’t know anyone; the groom was someone my husband worked with. The thing I remember was the purity and the sincerity of it. It was a humble wedding. No alcohol was served. They had roasted plantains and other foods I was unfamiliar with. I think the bride was from the Philippines. She wore a beautiful traditional long, white beaded dress; the attendees were reverent and respectful. A song sung by a groomsman a capella.

Another I remember was my niece, Kim’s, wedding. She and her two sisters cooked all of the delicious dishes, such as fruit and pasta salads, delectable rolls. Everything was made ahead and served buffet-style. They decorated the tables with white tablecloths and lots of pink flowers from the local supermarkets. It was held in Matt’s parent’s backyard, tall trees strewn with white Christmas lights arching gallantly overhead. Lake Tahoe is a terrific place for a wedding. On that note, I can endorse this excellent firm if you are thinking in those terms, and then got to Maui for the honeymoon and buy some real estate while you are at it.
All in all I love Maui seasoning especially made in Hawaii hot sauce, jams, jellies and butters from Maui.

My friend, Alisa, was married near the ocean. The invitations, which consisted of a pretty photo of the beach where the ceremony would be held, instructed that the dress code was strictly ultra-casual-fun beach attire. Guests were reminded to bring along a jacket to keep warm after the sun set. What a wedding planner!
Alisa wore a simple cotton summer dress, sans shoes. She had a crown of tiny flowers in her hair. I have never seen a bride who was prettier, or more serene. Her groom, Stephen, wore a white Mexican wedding shirt and Khaki pants and was as handsome as his bride was pretty. Bridesmaids handed out paper plates with crust-less sandwiches, potato salad, champagne, beer, and lemonade. After the sun melted into the sea, we roasted marshmallows over a big bonfire. No one wanted to go home.

It Is A Good Time To Look At Real Estate, Especially In REITS

Good to be back in Arizona state after a lovely stint on Oahu (general contractor issue there) so let’s blog, shall we? Neuberger Berman reports that indicate dividends are rising, with real estate companies benefitting from fiscal recovery. She notes that this year the company expects earnings growth of between 7% and 9%, up from 3.5%, with dividends seeing an average yield of 4%.
REITs are a special animal to begin with. Investment trusts save big tax money by paying out big dividends. Speaking of real estate though, when I was in Denver, CO I did notice the Electrical contractors
and real estate market was getting a little better which is a good sign since it had taken a hit recently like most other places. I guess folks need fewer Missouri Electrical contractors in a market such as this one: Kearney MO electrician who dos solar panels plus indoor and outdoor light fixtures, outlets and so forth.
Wikipedia defines REITS the following way; “A real estate investment trust or REIT is a tax designation for a corporate entity investing in real estate that reduces or eliminates corporate income taxes. In return, REITs are required to distribute 90% of their income, which may be taxable, into the hands of the investors. The REIT structure was designed to provide a similar structure for investment in real estate as mutual funds provide for investment in stocks.”
You can see why one could grow to love them.
Amanda Julius writes that the superior liquidity of REITs, over what she calls bricks and mortar investments, makes them a powerful asset, “As they control close to $600 billion, in debt and equity, of commercial real estate assets in the US…..” Incidentially if you are in Oahu and have interest in Oahu contractor license examination then you may want to peruse this site, because it has a lot of pertinent information regarding the Arizona contractor license process overall. This is a good Oahu Real estate as well.
There is speculation that, since current indicators show that will home prices continue to fall further in the near term, and soon there could be as many as 20 million homeowners underwater on their mortgages. Maybe you are one of the roughly 12 million who are currently underwater, and can only continue to pay your payments and wait and hope for real estate prices to rise. But you can still take advantage of the situation by investing in a REIT. Here in Kearney Missouri these are big for sure.

What Makes Catskills Real Estate So Special?

Catskills real estate is unique in many ways, not the least of which is the
unspoiled natural beauty it offers. Countless lakes, gentle sloping hills and the
gorgeous Catskill Mountains make this a destination like no other when you are
looking to buy or build a primary or secondary home. Imagine this landscape as a
backdrop for your home – completely charming and a bit old-fashioned. Maui and oahu are nice too.

Many people today are choosing Catskills real estate on which to build a vacation or
weekend home. There is no other location like it in the world. Where else can you
find not only the unspoiled beauty of nature, but all of the fishing, kayaking,
hiking, skiing and horseback riding you could ever want? Spacious tracts of land
are perfect for an old-fashioned home filled with character, and there is plenty of
room to roam without running in to a neighbor.

The versatility of Maui real estate is another reason many flock to this area
when they are ready for a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Build your
dream home right on one of the countless lakes, atop a hill amidst a lush stand of
trees, or at the foot of a mountain. No matter where you decide to build or buy,
you will have amazingly beautiful views in every direction you look. Oahu is cool too.

As much as the landscape is exquisite, the homes add just as much to the old-time
charm and appeal of the area. While the homes are newer, most are designed in a way
that offers a touch of nostalgia; you may feel that you have stepped back in time to
a century ago! Charming cottages, rustic cabins and traditional farm houses abound,
and each is filled with its own unique character. Doesn’t relaxing in a claw-foot
tub while the fireplace crackles in the family room sound like a soothing solution
for frazzled nerves?

Relax on the wrap-around porch and enjoy the view of the lake, or snuggle up to the
wood stove in your home in the mountains. If you’re the type of family that spends
most of your time in the kitchen, there’s plenty of room – and you’ll fall in love
with the shaker-style cabinets and other old-fashioned touches. I also love Oahu Real estate

in addition to the Maui stuff.

When you’re ready for a place that is truly special, come see what Catskill real
estate has to offer. We believe it will be the end of your search for the perfect
spot to build your dream or get-away home. Maui and Oahu are both nice

The December 2010 Tax Law

I just got back to Phoenix after my Chicago trip to see my tax attorney over there, he rcommnded I purchase some deferred annuities. In 2009 the gift tax exemption was $1 million and it was $3.5 million for the federal estate tax. In 2010 year the gift tax exemption was unchanged and the estate tax was suspended. In the beginning of 2010 there was not a generation skipping tax (GST), which applied to gifts to grandchildren. Incidentially I can recommend this fine Chicago estate planning attorney who can help with a broad array of estate planning issues in the city of Chicago, a fine attorney indeed.The December of 2010 federal bill technically reinstated it for 2010, but the reinstatement was at 0% tax rate. The definition of reunification is the $5 million is the total amount of assets that you move tax-free by any combination of gifts through your estate or via the generation skipping tax. But, any amount in excess of $5 million is subject to tax.
This year and next, the levy is 35%. It does not matter what your ordinary income bracket is.
The December 2010 tax law, act as the estate tax’s rebirth is just for 2011 and 2012. One big boon coming from passage of last month’s tax bill is a huge hike in the gift-tax exemption.
The exemption was boosted up to $5 million from $1 million. The law change also reunifies the gift and estate tax exemptions. Now that I am back in georgia i cannot help but wonder how all of this will affect a Christian Fundraiser and related fundraising activities all over the state of georgia.
In that vein, this phoenix annuities is a leading one in Arizona. All in all, if you require a top flank and wonderful 401k or deferred annuities firm then I can suggest this one for your needs, and they can help to answer the question “what is an annuity”?.
So the higher exemption jacks up by $4 million the amount that you can leave tax-free to loved ones via gifts and sharp estate planning. The gift and estate tax exemptions were unified until 2003. If you wish to talk Chicago estate planning attorney, contact them directly. In 2013 the exemption is scheduled to fall back to $1 million, with a 55% top rate on excess amounts.
The traditional principle of estate planning is that the more you give away while you are alive, the less that will later be vulnerable to taxes, even if it is an event with a Christian Inspirational Speaker, for example. As I said I am purchasing some annuities to help.